What is Wi-Fi router means and how buying of it can make your life easier?

Nowadays, every human knows what mean the Internet and wants to use it? it’s not depends on age. Audience ranges from children to the elders. We won’t discuss why someone wants to get to the Internet – we will discuss about something more important.

Meaning of Wireless connection routers.

If you live in the 21st century, you probably heard about Wi-Fi routers, but let’s delve more. Home Wi-Fi router is device that provides connection between  “Home Network” and Internet Service Provider.

There are can be situations when group of people needs to get to the Internet. What are you needed to solve this problem? Wi-Fi  router will be good choice which can be used to sharing data between different networks or users at the same time by using wireless WI-Fi connection. Usually, people set up Wi-Fi routers in their houses to use the Internet connection on different devices and in different parts of your house (if range of wireless connection allows).

All modern devices (PCs, laptops, smatphones, tablets) can use wireless connection to enter in the Internet. That is really big advantage, because people can use the Internet without cables which prevent underfoot and can be cause of other  inconveniences.

Wi-Fi routers allow you to solve the most popular problems of modern people. For example: problem of connected devices affection and problem of “cable” depending, which are used to device connection.

After Wi-Fi buying, you can forget about annoying cables and set up your computer in comfort place.

If you searching for good Wi-Fi router, let’s introduce with the most popular models and they price.

  • 10) Zyxel Keenetic –  about 33 USD
  • 9)  Linksys E3200 – about 75 USD
  • 8)  Asus RT-N56U – about 66 USD
  • 7) TP-Link TL-WR841ND – about 16 USD
  • 6)  TP-LINK TL-WR340GD – about 16 USD
  • 5)  Zyxel KeeneticGiga 2 –  about 83 USD
  • 4)  Asus RT-N14U – about 45 USD
  • 3) TP-link TL-WDR4300 – about  91 USD
  • 2) Linksys E3200 – about 150 USD
  • 1) Zyxel Keenetic Ultra – about 116 USD

For configuration you might need address of router web Interface. There are can be different  addresses. There you can see IP addresses of the most popular manufacturers.

D-Link, TP-link, Tenda,2Wire, Actiontec, Eminent, LevelOne, Linksys, Motorola, Netopia, Planet, Senao, Siemens, Sitecom, SMC Networks, Trendnet,  usually use ZyXEL, Asus, ZTE, Netgear, Huawei usually use 192.168.l.l. Sercomm, Aztech, Gigabyte usually use 192.168.l.254.